About Us
Fancy This and Me showing at CFHJA

Florida Sporthorse was established in 2006, as a cost effective way for Florida horse owners to advertise their horses for sale and provide an easy way for prospective horse buyers to find their next horse in Florida.

Why was FloridaSporthorse.com created?

Unlike some of the other horse classified sites on the internet, Florida Sporthorse was designed by, and is operated by an adult amateur horse owner living in Florida. The idea to start Florida Sporthorse came about while I was looking to buy a new show horse. I had a budget to stay under and for ease of being able to try horses, my trainer and I wanted to stay within Florida. Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Looking for the right horse, in the right price range, in my preferred state became a bit of a hassle. Many times I would find a horse listed that sounded good, but there wouldn’t be a price listed, only the phrase “serious inquiries only”. Well, I was a serious buyer, but how was I to know if the horse was even in my price range? That would then lead to texts/calls/emails between myself and the horse’s owner/trainer inquiring about the price, and more often than not, it was wasted time on both sides. There had to be an easier way, and with that, Florida Sporthorse was created.

How is FloridaSporthorse.com different?

The goal behind Florida Sporthorse was to create an easy and affordable way to help connect buyers and sellers of sport horses in Florida. The horse world is expensive enough, but advertising your horse(s) online should be affordable. Free, single photo listings would be offered to sellers. Price ranges (not prices) would be a requirement on all listings; buyers should never have to guess whether or not the horse listed is within their budget. The site would focus on advertising only horses/ponies currently competing, or have the potential to compete, in sport horse disciplines: hunter/jumper, dressage, eventing and fox hunting. Most importantly, only horses/ponies that can be seen/tried IN FLORIDA would be listed on the site.

Success Over the Years

When FloridaSporthorse.com was launched in 2006, it was a hand coded site that relied on emailed horse submissions that I uploaded onto the web site and made all the changes/updated to each listing. I would love getting emails from sellers (and sometimes buyers) telling me their horse found a new owner due to being listed on FloridaSporthorse.com. Success stories made my day, because that was why Florida Sporthorse was created. Over the years, the site has gone through design and technology changes (both good and bad- it’s a love/hate relationship with technology). Today the web site is fully automated and sellers have complete 24/7 access to their online listings-from site registration to listing submissions. I still check every listings on the site, to make sure only legit horses are listed on the site. To further help sellers (and shoppers) all listings with photos are shared on FloridaSporthorse.com’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, so not only are the sale listings available to people on social media, but also easily accessible to people that are NOT on social media (yes, there are many people that just say no to FB/Insta).

The Future

Madison and Cetidem

The future of Florida Sporthorse is to keep providing FREE listings and keep trying to help Florida horse owners and sellers connect. Although I no longer horse show, I still enjoy riding my 25yr old Quarter Horse name Rock My World (Rocky). My teenage daughter, Madison competes in the Jumper and Equitation Divisions on her horse, Cetidem, so I’m still involved in the horse show world.

Thank you to everyone that has been with me since day one. Thank you for continuing to list your horses and telling friends about the site. Thank you buyers for using FloridaSporthorse.com to search for your next horse.
Keep those success stories coming!!!

Rocky My World and Me @ South Creek Foxhounds Opening Meet