Some common questions regarding advertising your horse on FloridaSporthorse.com

Q: Does Florida Sporthorse own all the horses listed on the site?
A: No. Each horse is individually listed by their owner, or sale representative. Florida Sporthorse does not represent any horse listed on the web site.

Q. Does Florida Sporthorse charge a commission on the sale of a horse advertised on the web site?
A. No. Florida Sporthorse does not charge any type of fee or commission if a horse is sold through the web site.

Q. Does Florida Sporthorse handle the sale inquiries on the horses listed on the web site?
A. No. All communication between buyer and seller is strictly between the buyer and seller.

Q. I live in Virginia, but my horse will be showing in Florida during Winter Circuit. Can I list my horse on the web site?
A. Yes. The criteria to be listed on the site is that your horse must be able to be seen and tried in Florida. Florida Sporthorse welcomes horses from out of state to be listed on the site, while they are in Florida. It is requested that you remove the listing from the site when the horse leaves the state of Florida.

Q. Why is there no price listed on a horse’s listing – only a price range?
A. Each listing is required to show a price range, so that buyers will have an idea of how much the seller is asking for the horse. It is the seller’s option, whether or not they want to post the actual sale price of the horse in the listing. If the horse you are interested in is listed within your price range, we encourage you to contact the seller for more information on the horse.

Q. Is advertising on FloridaSporthorse.com really free? What’s the catch?
A. Yes, advertising on FloridaSporthorse.com is free; there is no catch. Registration is free, Basic horse listings are free and Florida barn listings are free. If a seller wishes to upgrade their horse listing to a Featured Gold Listing, it’s only $20.

Q. I am having trouble uploading my FREE photo to my listing. What should I do?
A. Sometimes these things happen, but I am here to help you out. Feel free to email the photo to FLSporthorse@aol.com, and I can upload the photo to your listing for you. Please be sure to you’re horse’s name in the email, so that I know which listing to upload it to.