Redemption Dressage - Dressage basics, using biomechanical and classical dressage methods

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At Redemption Dressage, it isn’t just about showing: It is about becoming a more skilled, educated rider, and enjoying the process.

Whether you have anxiety or fear from a recent injury; coming back after years away from riding; have physical limitations that are holding you back; bad riding habits; or just insecure about your ability to advance as a rider with or without your own horse, I can help coach you.

I also have decades of experience in rehabilitating horses coming off injuries, starting and restarting horses of all ages and types, as well as working with horses with behavioral issues. My students’ ages range from 12 years old to mid 70’s and each one comes with their own unique story and goal.

I teach dressage (both traditional and Western) up to 4th level; eventing; jumpers; equitation; working ranch; trail.

I train horses to become more agile, athletic, overcome their insecurities/fears/anxiety. I use common sense, calm methods that get quick and lasting results. Anything from shying at fences, barn sour on the trail, transition issues, stiffness, under saddle and handling problems (loading, standing tied, spooking, etc).

Redemption Dressage offers training board; boarding as a student; show coaching; massage therapy instruction; biomechanical analysis and individualized program to help each unique rider’s situation.

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